Menu מסעדת פרימוורה בירושלים

First Course
Green Panzanela Salad 65 ₪
Tomatoes, Peppers, Zucchini, Green Beans, Granny Smith Apples, Herbs, Olive Oil And Fresh Lemon
Gravlax 68 ₪
Fresh Salmon with Potato Salad, Crème Fresh And Chives
Sea-Fish Sashimi 68 ₪
on Zucchini Carpaccio And Black Olive Tapenade, with Sour Bread Toast served on Monday-Thursday only
Fresh And Cooked Vegetable Salad 65 ₪
from 14 kinds of Vegetables And Leaves, on Seared Eggplant, Tahini And Goat Yogurt
Fresh Salad 60 ₪
Burrata 65 ₪
of Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato Confit And Zucchini
Minestrone Soup 49 ₪
with Root Vegetables, Pasta And White Beans
Soup of the Day 49 ₪
ask the waiter
Our Specials
Forest Mushroom Crepe 65 ₪
with Onion Confit, Mascarpone Cheese, Mushrooms And Riesling Wine
Pumpkin And Chest-Nuts Gnocchi 70 ₪
with Lime And Thyme Butter
Anilloti Ricotta 65 ₪
And Pumpkin. With Cream of Peas And Mozzarella
Delicate Polenta Cream 75 ₪
from Fresh Corn. With assorted Mushrooms And Mushroom Broth
Melanza Parmesan 65 ₪
Crisp Eggplants with a touch of Tomato Sauce And Parmesan
Fettuccini Alfredo 65 ₪
with Cream And Mushroom Sauce
Beetroot Risotto 70 ₪
with Crisp Fish Slices
Artichoke Risotto 65 ₪
with Potato Cream And Vegetables
Spinach And Ricotta Cannelloni 70 ₪
Creamed with Béchamel, Parmesan And Roast Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti Napolitana 65 ₪
with Tomato Sauce, Oregano And Parmesan Cheese
Farfalle Pasta 70 ₪
with Smoked Salmon, Cream And Green Lemon Zest
Sea Fish Casserole 130 ₪
with Backhoe, Forest Mushrooms, Fish Broth And Tomatoes
Fresh Fillet of Norwegian Salmon 110 ₪
with Mushroom And Almond Crust And Tomato Butter Sauce
Fillet of Red Tuna 135 ₪
Roast with a Paprika Coating, Mustard Seeds And Coriander. On Seared Eggplant Aioli
Whole Roast Fish 125 ₪
with Fresh Herbs, Garlic, Lemon And Olive Oil
Seared Fillet of Sea Bream 135 ₪
on Potato Cream And Vegetables. With Tahini Zabaglione
Campari 42 ₪
Pastis Ricard 38 ₪
Arak 32 ₪
Freno 45 ₪
Martini Russo\Bianco\Dry 38 ₪
Chocolate Marquise 50 ₪
with Chocolate Ganache And Coffee Sauce
Tiramisu 48 ₪
Espresso, Amaretto Liqueur And Mascarpone Cheese
Warm Strawberry Consommé 48 ₪
With Fruit And Vegetable Cubes Served with Strawberry Ice Cream And Orange Twill
Lemon Cream 45 ₪
with Italian Meringue And Passion Fruit Sauce
Tropical Fruit Salad 40 ₪
Served with Exotic Sauce And Coconut Sorbet
Crème Brûlée 50 ₪
White Chocolate And Passion Fruit Flavor.
Apple Tart Tatin 45 ₪
with French Vanilla Ice Cream And White Chocolate And Cardamom Sauce